First let me start with a little history about my family.  I met Jackie (my other half) in 1977.  Yes, that was a long time ago.  My first encounter with her was when she actually asked me out.  She wanted me to take her to her prom.  I said no to her, but said that I would like to take her to a show or somewhere else, but I wasn't interested in being her prom date.  Now in my defense, when she asked I was at work stocking dairy at a grocery store and directly behind her as she was asking me were her best friend and her cousin both in a state of total hysteria.  Being the suspicious individual that I am, I opted to say no.  I later found out what they were laughing about which is another story in itself.

   Jackie and I had been dating for about a year when I got up the nerve to ask her to marry me and now, all these years later I am still trying to figure out what possessed me.  We got married about a year later on June 16th, 1979.  We made our residence in a mobile home in the booming town of South Wales, NY.  We set some goals as a married couple and one of them was to be in a house by our 10th anniversary.  Early in our marriage it seemed that we would never get to the point of being able to afford a house.  So we changed the direction of our lives by deciding to work on the family portion of our lives.  Incidentally, we were able to build the house that is pictured in year 8 of our marriage.

   Jamie came along on March 9th of 1981.  I can still remember going to the store and buying the yellow dress that we brought her home from the hospital in. Now Jamie has always been very mature, had a mind of her own and has never been a follower.  She was the captain of her cheerleading squads, the manager at work and the recipient of scholarships because of her own drive and determination.  I can not think of anything that she has ever done that she has not done well.  The truth is that I have one large regret with Jamie and that is that I forced her to grow up too fast and I really missed her childhood. I wish that I could go back in time so that I could let her be a kid.

  After Jamie, we went through a tough time.  Michael came along as a messenger to tell us to slow down and enjoy each other and to stop and enjoy life.  Michael was a very ill little boy that was born February 3rd, 1983.  He was with us for fifty days, but it was a time that we grew closer and began to look to each other and more importantly see what the gift of life is really about.  Stop, appreciate, and realize how beautiful this world is.  Thank You Michael.

   The next event was Sean's arrival on December 5th, 1984.  He, like his sister, is a leader and not a follower.  Sean has been involved in sports since he was of age to get involved. He has been the quarterback in football and the pitcher or catcher in baseball.  I love to watch him play and have fun.  This is one of my small pleasures. I have tried to be more careful with Sean.  I have pushed him to grow but not so far as to make the same mistake I made with Jamie.  He has become a tremendous young man and while I have many friends and acquaintances, I would much rather do things with him (although he is at the stage where that is not cool) then anyone else.

   That is our story.  I have created pages for each of us and from time to time will change and update them.  I think the biggest challenge that I have now is going to be finding pictures of Jackie and I that we are not personally offended by.

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  Dave & Jackie